I spent the snowy Friday morning before Christmas at a local bowling center with a few kids doing a photo shoot for my iStockphoto portfolio. The kids had a great time getting to do some bowling while modeling. This shoot had been planned for quite a while since the date was a school holiday. What we didn’t expect was for it to be the snowiest morning of the season. To my surprise, all of our models braved the weather and made it to the shoot on time.


Most of the shots involved the kids hanging out in the bowler’s seating area, although I did do a few shots of kids bowling (above). In this overview image below, you can get an idea of the lighting setup used. Three large softboxes and a 5×7′ monolight lit diffusion screen created a sizable ‘set’ to shoot within.

Behind the Scenes - Bowling Alley

It was very cool to have a whole bowling alley to ourselves. Of course, the raging blizzard outside did help contribute to the emptiness of the location. Special thanks go to my friend Harley who supplied some equipment, assisted on the shoot, and took the overview shot.