I’ve just wrapped up the editing of the courtroom photo shoot I did earlier in the month. I am pretty pleased with the images that were created, and since a few have already sold from my portfolio on iStockphoto I have hope that the set will be successful.

Going into the shoot, I had the plan to create courtroom scenes that were a cross between what happens in real life and the type of scene seen on television dramas. This involved assembling a fairly large group of diverse models and crew. The morning spent photographing was one the most enjoyable photo shoots I have ever been on. The large group (over 25 of us) had so much fun that it was at times difficult to create “serious” scenes due to the laughter. That’s a problem I am more than willing to deal with :)

On the technical side, the room configuration created a bit of a challenge for the lighting. Only one side of the room had any extra space, so the placement of fill lights was tight. Working with Harley and Pat, we ended up placing three large softboxes on the open side for main lights and two strip-boxes on the opposing side for fill. I then used a medium sized octabox to move around the room with me for additional light as needed.

About half the images have been accepted on iStock as of right now, and as previously mentioned a couple have already sold. Time will tell how well the collection performs, but we are off to a good start (click here to view the lightbox on iStock).

As always, HUGE thanks to everyone who helped out during the shoot. It goes without saying that without models and crew like I work with that I could never do what I do. Thank you all!