(Image © Terry L. Merrell – Used with permission)

I have been putting off posting here on the blog about a recent event that occurred in my family, but today I am going to touch on it.  Nearly two weeks ago my sister and her husband lost their home in Alaska to an early morning fire.  The fire was so quick moving that it is a miracle they got out in time (I will write about this event in a future blog post).

Like many of us, Becky (my sister) had a diligent backup plan.  She kept her important files on duplicate storage media that she frequently updated.  But, also like many of us, she was remiss in keeping those backups in a 2nd location.  This all came to light for her last week when she realized after the fire that she had lost not only the years of digital photos and documents she had on her computers, but that her external storage devices were also destroyed.

This is just one example on why it is important to have an offsite backup plan in place.  It doesn’t matter how many copies of our valuable data we have if they are all stored in the same location.  It only takes one flood/fire/theft to lose it forever.  I know that I will be taking a new assessment of my offsite plan since there is definite room for improvement.

How about you?  What plan do you have in place for keeping your data safe from a catastrophic event like this?