by Shaun Nelson

Photowalking Utah: Ogden Group in HDR

Whenever you read the words, “Save the date,” on, you know that something fun has been prepared for the Northern Utah photo community. The photowalk on Mach 27th brought out 60 photographers to the historic Union Station and 25th Street area of downtown Ogden. It was exciting to see that half of the photographers who came were participating in their very first photowalk. Some of the youngest photowalkers were toddlers in strollers and kids with point and shoots cameras.

The 25th Street area of Ogden holds an important place in Utah history. It has a notorious reputation that has been the subject of books and movies. As a junction city in the early days of the railroad, the remnant sidewalks, brick walls and storefronts reveal stories and character that are perfect photographic subjects. From Willie Moore at Moore’s Barbershop to the strangers that emerged to smoke on the streets in front of bars, members of the group captured images that ranged from artistic to storytelling.

Special thanks: Dav.d for his HDR image of our group inside the Union Station and supporting members of the Ogden Camera Club.