Image courtesy of Jeremy Hall

Last night’s Photowalking Utah mini-clinic at the Salt Lake City Library was a huge success. I am constantly blown away by the popularity of these events and last night set a new high-water mark for attendance. Over 170 photographers attended the evening’s discussion about Studio Lighting.

The mid-winter studio lighting photowalk has constantly been one of the most popular events since the group’s beginning in 2007. I believe that it is the unfamiliarity that many amateur photographers have working with studio lighting that draws them to this event. Beginning in 2009, a mini-clinic with lighting/model instruction was held a few days before the Saturday photowalk to help familiarize the attendees with techniques that can be used when shooting with the lights.

Yesterday’s event featured myself and two other photographers demonstrating techniques of working with a model and lights. Huge thanks go out to Dav.d Daniels and David Terry. These guys shared their knowledge and techniques to the eager audience in ways that were both education and humorous.

Based on last night’s attendance, I believe it will be safe to say that there will be around 200 photographers at tomorrow’s outing photographing the dozen+ models in the nine studio setups. It promises to be an exciting day.

Lastly, more HUGE thanks to our friends at Pictureline (and especially Nick, Jacob & Amy at the Draper location). They were kind enough to loan us the ProFoto lighting kit that was used in last night’s demonstration. This same kit can be rented from the Draper location (801.572.2200) at a very reasonable day rate.

Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to see many of you at tomorrow’s photowalk. I’ll be the guy hanging out by the trampoline studio setup :)

p.s. For those interested, here is the lighting setup that was used as a starting point for last night’s demonstration:

PWU Lighting Diagram Feb 2010