As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I recently spent time creating images to be used in the upcoming children’s book, Princess Amerah and the Magic Dress. My job was to create single images that would later be joined together with a background scene to illustrate the story. On most of the scenes, I was given a sample of the background image to work off of.

The designer is now working with the book’s authors on the arduous task of combining the elements. Today’s image is the book’s newly unveiled cover.

I was shown the background image and a sketch of what the authors envisioned for the scene. I then set up lighting and posed the model(s) before shooting each of them individually. Here are the three elements that were joined together to create the scene shown above:

Amerah Sample Elements

I’ve got to hand it to the designer, Steve Diaz. He has done a very nice job in joining the elements together to create the scene. I’m excited to see the final product when it goes to print next year.