Note from Rich: I am the first to admit that I don’t follow the work of too many of the famous (or semi-famous) photographers out there. So if today’s introduction to Rick is old-news to you, I apologize :)

Today’s post is an introduction to one of my newest favorite photographers, Rick Sammon. It hit me this morning while driving the Saab on I-15 and listening to the PhotoFocus podcast that I truly enjoy hearing Rick’s photography (and life) insights.

Rick first hit my radar when Scott Bourne started the PhotoFocus podcast in April of this year. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it is a simple Q&A session aired three times each month of Scott and Rick answering their listener’s questions. The simple and ‘folksy’ way that they discuss the questions and provide answers appeals to me, and Rick’s contribution is a valuable part of the show’s success.

Shortly after learning of Rick through the podcast, I had the chance to get introduced to his photography writing. Rick has authored dozens of book and in most cases features his own outstanding photography in the contents. In one of his most recent books however, Digital Wedding Photography Secrets, he opted to use stock images to illustrate his points and I am flattered to say that he included several of mine. It was a ‘by-chance’ finding out about this that led me to purchase the book and get to know Rick’s writing. His clear and well written photography advice is helpful and easy to follow. The biggest evidence to me of the quality of his writing can been seen by how many of his books can be found in the limited photography section at my local big-box chain bookstore.

I have since had the opportunity to have a few limited conversations with Rick through Twitter and email. He is just as friendly and genuine in these interactions as he is in his published work, be it podcast or book. It is because of this that I am introducing you to him today.

Here are a few ways to follow Rick Sammon online:

Twitter – @ricksammon
Blog –
Web –
Podcast – PhotoFocus Podcast on iTunes
Books – Rick’s Books at

I look forward to meeting Rick in person when he visits Utah next year for one of his workshops.