I’ve just completed the editing, keywording and uploading of images from my most recent stock photo shoot. The location for the session was a local dentist office with a goal of creating realistic images of dental professionals at work. To help me keep things real the both the owner of the dental office and one of the dental assistants were available during the shoot. Shannon, the dental assistant, also participated as one of the models and did an outstanding job as evidenced by the image above.

Dentist Office 2 - Behind the Scenes

In this behind-the-scenes image of models Nate and Sarah portraying dentist and patient you can see Courtney (the office owner) watching the scene to ensure accuracy. It was great to have her help. She completely understood the importance of keeping the images realistic.

As always, big props go out to the people that made this shoot possible. Without great locations and models, I absolutely could not do what I do. Thanks to Courtney for access to the location; Shannon, Kati, Sarah, Saylor, Mark, Nate & Harry for modeling; Tori for assisting and lastly Huge Props to Jenn for introducing me to Courtney!

The set of images from this outing can be found in my iStock portfolio once they clear inspection by clicking here.