Image Credit: Bryan Jones

The next Photowalking Utah event is quickly approaching. The outing will be a visit to the Utah Museum of Natural History. This will be the first ever Sunday event for Photowalking Utah due to scheduling and availability of the museum. Here are some details from Bryan Jones’ announcement at

The University of Utah Museum of Natural History provides a number of opportunities for photographing unusual objects including dinosaurs, rare collections and artifacts from around the world. In addition the building itself provides for some architectural photographic opportunities that will not be available long as the museum is building a modern, new building up by Red Butte Gardens. There are a number of points to our visit:

1) There will be an admission based on a Group Reservation Price of $4.50 per person unless you are a U of U student/faculty/etc in which case the price will be free.

2) There will also be a “Toadally Frogs” in the Special Exhibit Gallery. Use a low light lens without flash to photograph some of these frogs in their display case. If you have a macro lens, bring ’em.

3) Bring your tripod as we have been given special permission to use them for this visit.

4) UMNH allows for photography for private (non-professional, non-commercial) use of our exhibit areas and collections that are on exhibit. Flash photography is permitted in the permanent exhibits with the exception of exhibits containing life organisms, currently “Bugs Alive!”. The “Toadally Frogs” exhibit is limited to non-flash photography only, due to the sensitive nature of the live frogs.

5) UMNH has given us rights to post these photos on the Flickr and personal websites, however, they are not to be used for professional purposes. All photographs taken of exhibits and collections of objects in the Utah Museum of Natural History must be credited “From the Utah Museum of Natural History Collection” or “Property UMNH Collection”. They are looking for possible photographs to document the museum and the exhibits for their own website, so this will facilitate them finding images and asking photographers for rights to use them.

Date: Sunday April 19, 2009
Time: Noon – 3:00 pm
Location: 11390 E. Presidents Circle Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

As always, these events are open to photographers of all skill levels and type of camera used. For more information, visit the official announcement at or the Flickr group announcement.