Street Person Sample

One of my recent stock photo shoots was a new take on an earlier theme, Street People. In the fall I did an outdoor shoot featuring two models dressed as a homeless couple. The series of images are beginning to see regular sales in my stock portfolio.

To follow up on the earlier shoot, I did a studio session featuring Diane again as a homeless looking woman. I positioned her with the shopping cart loaded with possessions and shot against a white background. Some of the images were photographed with the background lit to create an isolated-on-white look while on other images (like those featured here) I turned off the background lights to create a darker look.

Behind the Scenes - Street Person Studio Shoot

Given the bad news recently with the world’s economic health, I’m hoping that these stock images will be found useful for designers looking for a certain look. To see my complete “Street People” series of images on iStockphoto, click here.