One of the greatest things that becoming involved in a local photography group has contributed to my life is the friends I have made. When I sat down with Ann Torrence and Bryan Jones a year-and-a-half ago to organize what is now Photowalking Utah, I never dreamed of all of the truly good friends I would make through the group in the coming months.

Today’s image is of one of those friends. Photowalking Utah regulars will immediately recognize the face of our pal, Scott Jarvie. He’s a kick-butt wedding photographer and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. I first met Jarvie (it seems that’s what everyone calls him) last July when he came to the Fourth of July Photowalk. I immediately found out that he’s a live-and-breathe-photography-24-hours-a-day photographer. Calling it his passion would be an understatement.

Beyond the photography, Jarvie is simply a fun guy to hang around with. His unassuming manor and witty sense of humor make you want to have him in your group.

I don’t really have a major point to today’s post other than this – if you’re not involved with others who share your passion (photography or otherwise), you might just be missing out on having a Jarvie in your life. Find a group and get involved!

Oh, and one more note. It seems that when I wrote my blog post last week on Twitter & Photography, I picked up a lot of new followers on Twitter. Jarvie took note of this (we had been neck-and-neck with followers) and now feels a bit left behind. So, if you feel inclined, drop on over to and add him to your follow list. He’ll really appreciate it!

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/100 second, f/4, ISO 6400