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About a week and a half ago I did a blog post called Share-a-Link Saturday. In the post I asked for readers to submit their favorite photography websites. The response was fantastic. Since so many good links were provided I felt that they needed to be shared. Here, in the order they were submitted, are the reader-submitted links to their favorite photography related websites.

Photowalking Utah – photowalkingutah.com
Epic Edits – epicedits.com
Photography Bay – photographybay.com
Harwood Photography – harwoodphotos.blogspot.com
The Big Picture – boston.com/bigpicture
David’s Photography Blog – www.davidfenwick.co.uk/blog/
Pierre Winther – www.pierrewinther.com
Muenchen – www.muenchenmenschen.de
Magnum in Motion – www.inmotion.magnumphotos.com
2 x 365 Photos – 2x365photos.blogspot.com/
LG Photo – www.lgphotoblog.blogspot.com
The Strobist – strobist.blogspot.com/
Bryan Niven – www.bryanniven.com/blog/
The Photographic World of Drew Gardner – photography-thedarkart.blogspot.com/
Yuri Arcurs – www.arcurs.com/
Sharon Yanai – www.sharonyanai.com
This Week in Photography – twipphoto.com/
Alex Moore’s Blog – moorealx.com/
orangeblob Photography Blog – www.orangeblob.com/blog/
Foto-Biz.com – foto-biz.com
Jen Murray Photography – www.jenmurrayphotography.com
Myerson Photo – www.myersonphoto.com/
Myerson Photo Blog – www.myersonphoto.com/blog
StudioLighting.net – www.studiolighting.net
Nuno Silva Photography – www.nunosilva.ca
Lens Baby – www.lensbaby.com
Shadow Mountain Photography – shadowmountainphotography.com/
Digital Grin Photography – digitalgrin.com
DIYPhotography.net – diyphotography.net
Pro Photo Life – prophotolife.com
Digital Photography School – digital-photography-school.com/blog/
RomePhotoBlog – romephotoblog.blogspot.com/
Twin City Photos – photoblog.twincityphotos.com/
Beeps and Chirps – beepsandchirps.com/
Bandung Daily Photo – bandungdailyphoto.com/
Oeiras and Environs Daily Photo – oeirasdailyphoto.blogspot.com/
David Terry Photography – www.dterryphotography.com
San Francisco Ed Pingol – edpingol.blogspot.com
Greg Bumatay – bumataystudio.blogspot.com
Dustin Izatt Photography Blog – dustinizattphoto.blogspot.com
Joe McNally’s Blog – www.joemcnally.com/blog/
RobNunnPhoto.com – www.robnunnphoto.com/
ApoChromatic – apochromatic.eu
BURNBLUEDOTCOM – www.burnblue.com/
Zoriah – zoriah.net/
FILE Magazine – www.filemagazine.com/
Flak Photo – www.flakphoto.com/
Joseph’s Life and Photos – www.josephburford.com
Digital Photography Life – personallifemedia.com/podcasts/405-digital-photography-li…
PhotoNetCast – www.photonetcast.com/
hyperfocal – apeture.my-expressions.com/index.html
H-town streets – apeture.my-expressions.com/Htown.html
Photine – www.photine.net/
The Learning Photographer – learningphotog.blogspot.com
Mark Velasquez Photogrpahy – www.flickr.com/photos/markvelasqueztoo/
mikesphotography – mikesphotography.my-expressions.com/
Bert Staphani – www.bertstephani.com/Site/bert_stephani_home.html
Is Steve Still Alive? – www.isstevestillalive.com/the-substance/2008/12/30/random…
Brian Lima Photography – brianlima.com
Peter Lik Fine Art Photography – peterlik.com
Voyages en Images – www.voyimage.com/
Craig Holmes Photographer – www.craigholmes.com
Argos – www.olddogphoto.com
Amy Coffey Photography – www.amycoffeyphotography.com
Aaron Moller Photographer – www.aaronmoller.com/blog
The Online Photographer – theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer…
Little People – little-people.blogspot.com/
Rob Galbraith DPI – www.robgalbraith.com/bins/index.asp
This Urban Life – thisurbanlife.blogspot.com/
The Caretaker’s Concern – thecaretakersconcern.blogspot.com/
The Circle of Confusion – thecofc.wordpress.com/
Magical Places Fine Art Online Photography Magazine – www.magicalplacesfineart.com/blog
Andes – www.magicalplacesfineart.com/andes/