I’m taking time today to re-inventory my equipment and send an updated list over to my insurance company. While doing this, I began wondering how many serious-amateur/professional photographers have their gear insured.

I added a rider to my studio/office insurance policy a couple of years ago to cover my gear in case of theft and/or loss. Since I will routinely bring just about everything I have onto a location for a shoot, I figured this was a wise choice. The cost of the additional coverage was only a few hundred dollars a year. That’s pretty cheap when you consider how easy it is for us photographers to gather several thousand dollars worth of equipment that could easily be walked off with by a thief.

At the very minimum, I would recommend that photographers take a moment this week to call their insurance company (homeowners, vehicle, etc.) and inquire about adding coverage for camera equipment. Don’t assume that it’s covered, make sure it is.

I’d be curious to hear from the readers if you have your gear insured. And, if so, please share if you have a great insurance company you’d like to recommend.

Canon G7 – 1/60 second, f/4, ISO 200