One of my recent stock photo shoots was a Private Pilot series of images shot at a local general aviation airport. I have a friend that is a pilot and he was able to let me shoot in and around the small Cessna he flies.

Before the official shooting began, the pilot and I took a ride around the Salt Lake Valley in the plane. Though the purpose of the flight wasn’t to photograph, I did manage to get a few interesting shots that I will probably add to my portfolio. Here’s a unique view of Herriman Utah.

In the Rearview Mirror

The majority of the stock images featured Michelle posing as a pilot, complete with leather jacket and aviator glasses. There are a lot of images of male pilots on iStock, so I thought I’d go with a different angle and present a female pilot.

My good friend Harley came along and shot a few Behind-the-Scenes shots. As you can see in this example I kept the lighting pretty simple, opting to use a single speedlight to enhance the afternoon sunlight.

Behind the Scenes by HPebley3

Why am I holding up one finger? That’s a technique I frequently use when photographing to have the model follow my finger with her nose so I can position her face how I want it. It seems to work rather well and is a quick way to help get the shot I want.

All in all, I’m pleased with the images created in this session. Only time will tell to see how well they sell.