Being a stock photographer, I am always on the lookout for new subjects to shoot. Many times, these subjects are right under my nose – or in this case, right down the street.

I spent Saturday afternoon in the little town of Oakley Utah. The purpose of the visit was to photograph a group of cowboys. These particular cowboys all happen to belong to a family that literally lives right down the street from me.

Cowboy Sample 2

I arranged with the family to do their portrait at their family cabin in Oakley, and then to spend a couple hours doing a cowboy themed stock photo shoot. Without exception, all the the men made great models. They were extremely willing to indulge me in my ideas for the shots. They even forgave the fact that I wore red tennis shoes – which I was told was a bit of a faux pas in cowboy country.

Cowboy Sample 4

I left with a wide assortment of images on my camera ranging from action shots to portraits. I don’t know how the market is for cowboy themed pictures on iStock, but I plan to soon find out.