Theater manager Josiah “busts” Kylee for talking on her cell phone

I spent Saturday morning along with a half dozen models in an empty movie theater. My friend Jeremy had made arrangements for us to use the theater as a location for a stock photo shoot. One ingredient that I think has helped me grow this business is getting out of the studio. By going on location, I am often able to capture images that many competing contributors are unable to get.

To light the scene, the goal was to have a strong directional source to mimic what one would see coming from a bright movie screen. To accomplish this, two large softboxes were placed at their maximum height in front of the screen. The 600ws lights were set to full power for maximum impact.On some of the shots, we placed additional lights on the perimeter to add a small amount of fill to the background.

At the Movies Blog 2
Kattie chilling out during the show

Once we had the lights set up, we had around 75 minutes to shoot the scenes and clear out. Time flies for me when photographing and this was no exception, but we ended with just enough time to break down the gear and get out of the theater before the 11 a.m. show started seating.

At the Movies Blog 3
Andrew and his lady friends with Josiah in the background

The models were a group of familiar faces often seen in my stock photography. I wanted a happy, younger group to portray a typical weekend night movie crowd. They pulled it off great, and we all had a lot of fun doing it.

At the Movies Blog 4
The ladies showing some charm to Josiah the usher

All in all, I think it will be a productive outing. The session netted around 50 images to add to my stock portfolios. Hopefully, these pictures will find their way into the hands of many buyers.

As always, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the help of a LOT of people so they deserve special thanks. Thank you all.

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I had to make a trip to the projectionist room