It was a productive weekend of shooting, highlighted by Saturday’s Business People stock shoot. Smiling business people are a bit of a cliche’ in the stock photography business, but that’s because they tend to sell fairly well.

For the shoot I arranged for six models to stage a mock “business meeting” in the studio. I brought in a conference table, chairs, flip-chart, and various other office-type items. The goal was to create a real looking office environment while being able to easily adjust the lighting.

Business Shoot

I first shot the meeting against a white seamless paper backdrop. I then re-positioned it on to the other side of the studio against the painted walls. The versatility of my small studio space really pays off.

I ended the day with nearly 300 images to be culled through for candidates to add to my stock portfolio.

As always, this type of photography is a team effort and I could not do it without the help of so many. Thanks to Michelle, Alicia, Julie, Ron, Glen and Dale for modeling and to Harley and Diane for assisting.