I was invited to attend Kenneth Linge’s latest seminar, Photographing People Part I, this past Saturday in Salt Lake City. Kenneth wanted to have some overview photographs taken as he was teaching and demonstrating his photography methods and asked me to provide them.

Today’s image is one of the example shots from the class. The purpose of the photo is to show both the setup of a shot and the final portrait. In the left frame you can see Kenneth photographing Kathleen (the model) from a very low angle with her bending over at the waist to create a specific look. The lighting is provided by Kenneth’s wife MaryLyn using a single reflector. The right frame shows the stunning final result of this technique. It is simply incredible to see the results that can be obtained with the lighting and posing techniques that Kenneth teaches. I am obviously a fan of Kenneth’s photography and his teaching. I have learned so much from him and look forward to learning even more in the future.

For more information on Kenneth’s photography and seminars, visit his website at www.kennethlinge.com or his blog at kennethlinge.squarespace.com. He will be teaching at least one more session of Photographing People Part I before he moves into Part 2 in March (a class I will be attending).