One of the people that inspired me to begin my blog is a tech blogger out of San Francisco named Thomas Hawk. Thomas is an extremely active photographer on both Flickr and Zooomr and pens a very popular blog at If you haven’t seen his work, I strongly encourage you to drop by his blog or his photostream and check it out.

It was after reading Thomas’ blog in 2005 that I became involved in Flickr and ultimately started LeggNet’s Digital Capture. Since that time I have followed his writing and photography on a daily basis.

Today’s capture is inspired by Thomas’ numerous self portraits taken in this style, including one last week that cost him a lens (but thankfully not his 5D). I took this above Draper Utah overlooking the Salt Lake Valley just after sunset. The best part was how peaceful it was as I sat waiting for the right light.

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Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L IS lens – 10 seconds, f/4, ISO 160