Just under five years ago I received an email in my inbox with the title “Anybody need a good dog?. The note was from the president of a shooting club I used to belong to. He had a friend that had a new baby and was giving away a “chocolate lab”. Making a long story short, we took the dog (Holly) into our home. It was apparent that she wasn’t a purebred lab but her previous owner said she was part chocolate lab (though he wasn’t 100% sure since she came from a shelter as a pup). We never really worried about what breed she was. Her personality was much more important to us.

This week it was time for our dogs to take their annual trek to the vet for shots and licensing. Their previous veterinarian’s office closed so this year they went to a new doctor. Upon entering the examination room, the doctor glanced down at Holly’s records (indicating Labrador) and looked up at her and proclaimed “No part of this dog is lab. She’s a liver colored German Shorthaired Pointer. I’m 100% sure.”

A bit of googling later and I agree, we have a German Shorthaired Pointer. We can now allow Holly to embrace her German heritage. Does that include trips to Wienerschnitzel and Oktoberfest? I doubt it, but at least now we know.