Andrew Goldring, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I came across this young man at the Avenues Street Fair in Salt Lake City and was simply amazed at his talent. I heard him playing before I could see him since I was approaching from behind the stage. As I neared the stage I expected to see a seasoned guitar veteran leading the band and was quite surprised to see this “kid” up front. He was playing a blues set accompanied by bass and drums and quite simply carried the band.

When I got home that evening I did a bit of googling and found out that his name is Andrew Goldring and that he is 14 years old. He seems to keep quite busy playing small venues around Northern Utah (in addition to all the other things that keep 14 year old boys busy). He looks to be someone to keep an eye on as his career unfolds.

Check out his website at

UPDATE: I was contacted by Andrew’s father and they are now using some of my shots on his website. Thanks Steve!