Worship Gathering, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I had the opportunity tonight (Saturday) to be involved in the Worship Gathering, a local Christian music event. The program featured four bands from local churches (ours was one of the bands) and had a nice sized crowd show up for an evening of worshipping God through music. This is the fifth time I’ve been involved and it is really a blessing to have the various churches gather together – and the music is great too!

Featured here is a natural lighting shot of Pete playing guitar. This was shot at ISO 1600 due to the low light environment. In a capture like this, by not using the flash you can capture a more sincere ‘mood’ of the atmosphere (and not be too disruptive as well).

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a Flickr set with other photos of the event. I’ll add more over the next day or so as I process them.