Mom’s Polaroid 420: Back in Business

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I recently put my mother’s 1970’s era Polaroid 420 back into service.  I remember this camera as a child recording our family activities in all their 70’s goodness.

After a bit of cleaning and a slight battery modification (to accept modern 3V power), I’m pleased to report that it happily feeds FUJI FP-100C and FP-3000B (near) flawlessly.  I think I might just add a little “Instant Print” magic to my upcoming Japan trip.

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Vintage Car Hop Girl

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Carhop Sample-1

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/125 second, f/8, ISO 100

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My DigitalFest 2013 Workshop

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I am pleased to announce that I am leading a workshop at this year’s DigitalFest at Pictureline in Salt Lake City. My session, on September 28th, is titled Becoming YOU as a photographer. In the workshop I will share the story of my journey from a high school student with a camera, to a studio photographer in the 80’s, to the photographer I am today discussing the my photographic style that developed along the way. There is a $14.95 fee for the class, but everyone get’s back $20 in DigiDollars to spend at Pictureline – so that means you’ll make nearly 5 bucks just for showing up.  I’m excited to meet and share with those that attend!


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