This past Saturday, shortly after I finished giving my talk on Microstock Photography at Photocamp Utah, I sold the 100,000th image from my portfolio at  While reaching this milestone doesn’t really change my life, it marks a major accomplishment for me personally.  Tomorrow is my third anniversary of being accepted as an Exclusive Contributor at iStock.  Back when I was accepted on 03.23.07, I had just reached 500 downloads.  Now just three short years later it is amazing to realize I have sold over 100,000 downloads and that this has been my full-time career since 2008.

The 100,000th download is a fitting image for marking the achievement.  Not only is it an older image (it was taken on March 24th, 2007 – just one day after going exclusive), it provides a nice visual for me to remember the journey that got me where I am.  It was my faith in what I was doing that allowed me to put the Rubber to the Road and build what I have today.

Lastly, if it were not for the help of family and friends supporting me in what I do, I would not be doing it at all. From the early support and understanding of what I was building to the countless friends who have modeled and assisted over the years, I cannot say Thank You enough for the help and encouragement.

Now, enough of this sappy looking back stuff. On toward 200,000! :)