One of the challenges of doing last month’s movie theater audience stock photo shoot was keeping track of what models were in each particular shot.  To help me do this I took several “Index Shots” once the models were in place.  Each person was assigned a number which corresponded to their model release.  They then held these numbers up for the index photo.  When it came time to match the model releases to the individual images and put the index shots to work, I noticed that more than a few of the models added their own unique touch that made me smile.

It appears that the mugging mainly falls into three categories:

  1. The Model Face
  2. The Sad Clown
  3. The Grinning/Twisted/Open Mouth

oh, and then there’s Scott’s (#47) always changing take on number placement.

Now that the editing is done and the images are making their way through inspection, I want to say another THANKS to all the great folks that came out early on a Saturday morning to make the shoot happen.  We had a great time!  To see the images (as they become available), check out my “At the Movies” collection on iStockphoto by clicking here.