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Photocamp Print Gallery

This year at Photocamp Utah we are going to do something new … if you are attending the event not only will you be able to participate in classes to learn about photography – you will also get to share your own photographs with everyone else! There will be a print gallery for all registered attendees to contribute to where we will be displaying your work.

If you are going to be at Photocamp and want to participate then the great news is that it’s free! You will, of course, have to print and matte your image on your own (no framing, btw, so it shouldn’t be too pricey).¬†I’m definitely going to bring something to the event. Since most of my work is created, shared and licensed through a computer and the internet then I rarely print my work and this is a great excuse to finally print something out.

Here are the requirements:

1. Print requirement: You can only bring one print … you are allowed to put more than one image on that one print (like a collage) or just select one print and make it big (up to 11×14). I would recommend picking only one of your very best images that really represents your style of photography to share.

2. Size Requirement: The largest total size allowed will be 11″ x 14″. It’s highly recommended that you attach it to a piece of matte board no more than 1/16″ thick. No frames are allowed, btw … the display setup can only support a your photo attached to a matte board, so if you bring in a framed print then we won’t be able to display it for you.

3. Networking is okay! You are also encouraged to put your name and website info somewhere on your work so we can find out more about you. Just try to keep it simple and classy … and try not to turn your image into an advertisement. ;)

4. What NOT to do: I already mentioned a few of these, but they are worth repeating – no frames, image/matte no bigger than 11×14, and don’t use the image as an opportunity to advertise. We want to keep a “gallery” feel to the setup.

There is more information listed at the
Photocamp Utah website, and if you have any questions please join in the discussion in the Flickr group here.