One project I’ve added to my list this year is to spend some time re-photographing some of my successful older images in my stock portfolio. The reason I have been doing this is to have my images keep up with the ever-growing megapixels of images and changes in style.

The two images above are an example of this. The top image was shot in my studio back in January of 2008. Since it was shot with the original Canon 5D and cropped, it is only available at a maximum size of large on iStockphoto. The new image which was recently photographed, while still closely resembling the original, was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and is available in sizes up to XXL.

Another thing about the difference in the images worth noting, is that while Alyssa’s 2008 hair style is not quite out of style yet, her current look is more current with today’s style.

Lastly and a bit embarrassing to admit, the post-processing of the new image is much better in my opinion (especially the isolation) compared to the original.

It will be interesting to compare how the new image fares in the sales department against the very successful original. Since it has already sold in the first few hours it was available, it is off to a great start.