G11 Sample

My 3 year old point-and-shoot camera, a Canon G7, stepped aside today. The replacement: a Canon Powershot G11. I’ve only had the G11 for a couple hours and am still getting to know the camera. Since the biggest reason for the upgrade was the improvement in low-light/high ISO shooting I thought I’d share a quick sample.
The above image was one of the very first I took with the camera. It was shot with existing light at ISO 800. While the 100% crop sample of the eye shows a bit of digital noise, the image is quite usable. When contrasted with the nearly unusable results from the G7 at ISO’s greater than 400 (and even 400 was pushing it), the G11 passes with flying colors.
I will be playing around with this new camera over the coming days/weeks and will post back here with my impressions later on.
Canon G11 – 1/60 second, f/4.5, ISO 800