Anyone who has happened to run into me over the past week or so has probably seen that I’ve been carrying around my backup 5D with a Lensbaby attached. I was given the Lensbaby by Scott Bourne of as a gift and have really enjoyed using it to make some creative captures for personal use.

It took a bit of shooting to get up-to-speed with its manual focus and adjustment before I became comfortable enough to be able to use it for quick shots, but I think I’m nearly there. Today’s image of Scott Jarvie with his D300 (with Lensbaby attached) was taken at last week’s Digitalfest event at Pictureline Salt Lake City. I really like how the crowd came out in the image, and just might try and recreate the look with some crowd shots for my stock image portfolio.

For anyone who has ever wanted to try a Lensbaby, keep a look out here. I am working with Pictureline and Lensbaby to put together a Lensbaby Photowalk with plenty of demo units for participants to use. Once the details get worked out, we will have the outing in the next couple months as a Photowalking Utah event.

Canon 5D, Lensbaby Composer (Double Glass) – 1/15 second, f/4, ISO 1600