I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to live in such a great photographic community. Being involved in groups and events such as Photowalking Utah and Photocamp Utah are just a couple examples. One other event that I make sure to circle on my photographic calendar each year is Pictureline’s annual Digitalfest event.

In addition to a great trade show, the event always plays host to world class photography speakers. I will never forget sitting for nearly two hours during last year’s presentation being mesmerized by the presentation of National Geographic photographer Sam Abell.

This year’s speaker lineup is as impressive as I can remember seeing in Utah. The Thursday night session is Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Hume Kennerly. David has photographed wars, presidents, domestic turmoil and more in his 40+ year career.

The Friday night session is natural light photographer Vincent Versace. Vincent is both a world-class photographer and photographic instructor. As near as I can tell in reading his bio, he has taught photographers on every continent of the planet. His work in all genres of photography (people, portrait, landscape) is beyond exceptional. Being a photographer that uses artificial light extensively, I really look forward to hearing about his techniques for using natural light to create stunning images.

In years past, photographers just had to sign up to attend the sessions. This year, Pictureline is doing it just a bit different. Due to the number of people who reserved seats and didn’t attend (causing other photogs to be turned away), they are requiring a ticket to be purchased to hear the speakers. But the good part is the tickets are inexpensive (especially considering the quality of presenters) and every attendee will receive their ticket price back in the way of a Pictureline gift card. Tickets are $12.50 per session.

I just spoke with the store and there are still spots available, albeit it looks like the Friday session is nearly filled so I encourage you to act quick!

To sign up and reserve your seat, head on over to pictureline.com/digitalfest. I look forward to seeing you at this years event – be sure to say Hi if you see me :)