Worldwide Photowalk – We Have a Winner!


Scott Stringham’s stunning capture of a bee on a flower was named the winner of the West Jordan, Utah session of the Worldwide Photowalk held on July 18th. Making the winning selection was extremely difficult due to all the of stunning images that were entered. All of the submitted images can be seen at the event page by clicking here.

As the winner, Scott will receive a copy of The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3 by Scott Kelby and will advance to compete for international prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s event and for making Utah’s photowalks among the best in the world!

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Adobe Lightroom, Here I Come


When it comes to my editing workflow for stock photography, I am very resistant to change. My lifetime 92.5+% acceptance rate at iStock makes me very set in my ways. I have reminded myself numerous times of the stereotypical grumpy old man with responses like “Why should I use that newfangled Lightroom thing when what I do now works fine” when asked why I don’t use it.

Well that appears to be coming to a change.

Due to friendly encouragement from some of my photographer friends (Jarvie, Nicolesy, Sylvanworks, WelcomePhotoImages – you reading this?), I am now testing Lightroom in my commercial workflow. My previous system of editing images using Adobe Bridge/Camera Raw/Photoshop is being replaced with Lightroom/Photoshop. Since both Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Lightroom use the same engine for RAW conversion, the interface is the big change.

One thing I really like so far in my limited use of Lightroom is the Presets. While I don’t anticipate using them much in my stock work, I really like this option for working with my portrait and non-stock commercial work. Today’s image of Jane is a sample of using a couple quick presets to change an existing stock image. I can see Lightroom presets replacing several of my Photoshop Actions in my near future.

I plan on using Lightroom for at least a couple weeks in my workflow before making my final decision. But from what I’ve seen so far, I think I will like the switch. Stay tuned to see how this plays out…

Canon 5D, Canon 70-200 f/4L lens – 1/320 second, f/4, ISO 200

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Sanpitch Cowboy Expo Photography Clinic

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I spent last weekend in Utah’s self-proclaimed Cowboy Country, Sanpete County. My reason for the visit was a photography clinic that I was teaching along with Ann Torrence. The two of us were invited to take part in the Sanpitch Cowboy Expo due to Ann’s connections she made on her Highway 89 book project.


For the free clinic we taught photographers of various skill levels some of the methods for capturing great rodeo photos. Even though the clinic had a fairly early start time of 7 a.m., over 25 photographers attended. In the session we had the rodeo arena to ourselves to photograph the 6 horses and riders who volunteered to model. Unlike a lot of afternoon/evening rodeo events, the morning light was fantastic for shooting. It was really cool to be up close and personal with the subject in this environment.


It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed getting to meet and chat with the photographers that attended. In addition to locals, there were shooters from as far away as Ogden who made the trip. All of the models (horse and cowgirls alike) were so gracious with their time and never seemed to tire of posing for the group.

Anyone who has ever taught can probably attest to the fact that by teaching you increase your own knowledge. I know this is the case when I share my limited photography skills. I look forward to continuing to teach these types of clinics in the future.

(All photos © Nicole S. Young, All Rights Reserved)

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The Demolition Man


Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 75-300 f/4-5.6 lens – 1/500 second, f/5, ISO 800

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2009 Worldwide Photowalk Wrap-up Video by Jeremy Hall


Note from Rich: Today’s post is a re-print of Jeremy Hall’s post at He did an AWESOME job with the video wrap-up!

By Jeremy Hall

A large group of us enjoyed the Photowalking Utah participation in the 2009 Worldwide Photowalk. Thanks to Rich Legg and Nicole Young for heading up the two events. I was able to be a part of the morning edition in downtown Salt Lake City and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with friends, meeting new people, and even snapping a photo or two.

It had been some time since we did any video wrap up from a Photowalking Utah event, so I volunteered to take some video with my 5D Mark II and put together a short wrap-up. Though the 5D worked great, it reminds me why it is better suited for set shots, preferably on a tripod. Despite the shaky footage as I walked around, hopefully you’ll enjoy revisiting the fun event.

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Charlie the Cowboy

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Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105 f/4 lens – 1/800 second, f/4, ISO 100

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Behind the Scenes – Active Adult Series


I’ve been spending time recently photographing a series of images for my stock portfolio with the theme of Active Adults. In the series I am portraying adults in their 40-50’s involved in various recreational activities. My most recent shoot in this series was a rock climbing outing last Friday.

Adult Rock Climbing 22 - web

For the shoot I led a group of models to a small rock climbing area about 10 minutes from my studio. While not the most impressive wall, the combination of its locale and shadiness suited it well for our task.

Adult Rock Climbing 27 - web

Fellow iStocker Nicole Young came along on the shoot and shot some behind the scenes stills and video, so instead of me rambling on about what I did, I thought I’d share some of her captures.

Rock Climbing

My lighting setup was very simple and straightforward. I used a 580EX II speedlight on a Custom Bracket and set it at 1/3 f/stop below ambient and shot with the 5D Mark II on aperture priority. One note to check out is how I attached my BlackRapid RS-4 strap to the arm of the Custom Bracket to balance the camera when it hung off my back when I was climbing.

All in all, I am very pleased with the resulting images. The stock world is full of young-buff men & women rock climbers, and my hope is that my images will fill a different niche by showcasing older climbers.

Big thanks go to my models – Christine, Jane, Tracy, Ashley & James and to Jeff for setting the climbing routes. Is folks like these that make what I do possible and I GREATLY appreciate them!

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Bright Eyes

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Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 70-200 f/4L lens – 1/200 second, f/4, ISO 400

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2nd Annual WorldWide Photowalk – Tomorrow

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Here’s the last minute reminder about tomorrow’s Worldwide Photowalk. There are over 900 simultaneous walks happening worldwide with over 30,000 registered photographers participating.

Locally (Salt Lake County, Utah) our two events filled up weeks ago to the capacity 50 “official” participants per outing. We are not discouraging anyone else who would like to join us, however – so please come along.

#1 – 9:00 AM – Downtown Salt Lake City

This morning ‘walk being led by Nicole Young will begin at 9:00 am at the Boston Building (350 S. Main Street). The group will take a leisurely stroll around downtown Salt Lake City photographing the buildings, people, etc. Since parking might be a bit of an issue, many of us are riding UTA Trax to the location (get off at Galivan Center stop). The train leaving Sandy at 7:54 am promises to have at least a few photographers on it :)

#2 – 6:00 PM – Jordan River Parkway (West Jordan)

This eventing ‘walk being led by me will begin at 6:00 pm at the Jordan River Parkway parking lot located at 1000 W 7000 South in West Jordan. The group will take an evening walk on the Jordan River Parkway trail. Not being much of a nature photographer myself, I’m anxious to see what everyone captures on the trail. Macro lenses would be a nice addition to bring along for those that have them.

For those coming, please make a note of my Google Voice telephone number in case you need to get in touch with me (lost, late, tired, bored, etc.): (435) 227-LEGG (5355) – Catchy number eh?

The weather looks like it is going to cooperate and I am anxious to meet the many new faces along with seeing all my current friends.

See y’all tomorrow!!

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Photographing Indoor Rock Climbing

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Image © Nathan Sweet, All Rights Reserved

A friend of mine, Nathan Sweet, borrowed a pair of my monolights to photograph an indoor rock climbing competition last weekend. Here is what he wrote on his blog about the event:

Thanks to Rich Legg for letting me borrow 2 White Lightning strobes during the finals. I used Bogen clamps to secure them to the rafters about 40 feet away from the climbing wall to ensure the climber would not be effected by the flash. the strobes were triggered with pocket wizards, each strobe had its own channel so i could switch strobes when shooting the 2 different walls. A few hours of research went in to this set up for another climbing competition about half a year ago. I feel this is knowledge everybody should know, some time soon i will post a set up process for this particular set up because the strobes are not accessible while the gym is open.

Nice work Nathan! I’d love to see a behind-the-scenes shot of your shooting position for this :)

Canon 5D, Canon 24-70 f/2.8L lens – 1/125 second, f/4, ISO 400

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