Note: Today’s post was originally posted by one of iStockphoto’s top contributors, Sean Locke, on his blog on 05.26.09. It is being reprinted here with his permission.

Making the rounds today through various forums, is this nugget of an editorial piece from ABC’s Good Morning America show: Make Money in May- Selling Stock Photos. Apparently, by snapping random things about your office, as detailed in the piece, you can make thousands of dollars to put your kids through school.


Advisory to anyone who has viewed this piece and has stars in their eyes: it is not as easy as turning your logo’d coffee cup away from your point and shoot camera.

Please note, I am a top contributor to the mentioned site, . So, I know what I am talking about, when I say to take this editorial news piece with a few grains of salt.

You are not going to make $10,000 from… (keep reading at Sean Locke Digital Imagery)