I’m pleased to announce that I will be leading one of the groups on this summer’s World Wide Photowalk. The goal of the event is to coordinate simultaneous photowalks throughout the world on July 18th. Scott Kelby came up with the idea last summer and had great participation. This year’s event will surely surpass that.

The group I’m leading will be taking an evening walk on the Jordan River Parkway in West Jordan, Utah. Unlike our normal Photowalking Utah outings, this one will require pre-registration and have a cap of 50 participants. Since the registration has already filled up nearly halfway in less than 24 hours, I would recommend grabbing a spot early if you would like to ‘officially’ participate. To save your space, visit the registration page at worldwidephotowalk.com/west-jordan-ut-usa.

For all the info on the event and to find one in your area (if you’re not in Northern Utah), drop by the website at www.worldwidephotowalk.com.