My daughter spent last weekend working on a project for her school. The task was to create a video and posters advertising herself for a position as a student body officer at her middle school. Her theme for the project was loosely based on the popular Twilight book series. My participation came into play when it was time to create images for her posters. She wanted a couple of studio shots with a look evoking that of the Twilight poster, and I did my best on short notice to create these.

We shot two images for the posters. The above shot is of the group of young women who played parts in her video. The second image was an individual of Elisabeth holding an apple as a reference to the book’s title shot.

SBO Individual

Without getting into too many of the details on how I created the look for the images, I basically blended a couple of high pass filter layers into the original and then applied some aggressive over-sharpening using unsharp mask.