I spent this morning with two of my photographer friends, Ann Torrence and Jeremy Hall, on a Photowalking Utah scouting trip to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. I have lived in Utah over twelve years yet this was my first trip to the cave. It was definitely a cool site to see and I recommend anyone in the area to spend a few hours checking it out.

But for Ann, Jeremy and me the highlight of the morning wasn’t as much the cave as the ultra cool ranger that guided us through it – Park Ranger Nancy. Nancy went out of her way while leading the group we were in (about a dozen or so visitors) to allow the three of us to get all the photographs we wanted. It would be very easy for someone in her position to be annoyed at our desire to take photos, but instead she made us feel like what we were doing was as important to her as it was to us.

Timp Cave 3
Rich (me!), Park Ranger Nancy, Ann and Jeremy

Ann Torrence has spent a lot of time in National Parks over the past few years as she researched her Highway 89 project. She has met many a ranger and she was quick to point out to Jeremy and me that Park Ranger Nancy was by far the most photographer friendly ranger she has ever met.

So for all the photographers out there, I offer up a sincere THANK YOU to Nancy. You made our day!