Last month a few of us from Photowalking Utah put together a Film Shooter’s Photowalk in Salt Lake City. The evening outing was both reminiscent and frustrating for me as a photographer. Since I have a long history shooting film it was nice to remember how it used to be. On the other hand though, it was frustrating to shoot within the limits of film – namely the lack of instant preview, fixed ISO and limited exposure count.

I came away from the evening with a simple realization: I’m okay with never shooting film again.

It is not only the three reasons I listed above that made me come to this conclusion. The advances in camera equipment and lenses with things such as viewfinder information, metering settings, weather sealing, etc. have made today’s cameras a joy to use compared to their film counterparts of yesterday.

Today’s image is one of my captures from the photowalk. The shot of Mike Calanan and his Yashica TLR was taken with a Mamiya 1000DTL. The fisheye effect was added with a magnification filter put onto the standard 50mm lens.

Mamiya 1000 DTL, Mamiya 50mm f/1.8 lens – Exposure Not Recorded