Overcoming Creative Block

If you are working in a creative medium, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter creative block. Since photography definitely qualifies as a creative medium, this is something that will most likely hit every serious photographer at some point.

In the 13 months or so that I have been working full-time with my photography company, I have for the most part been able to avoid a major case of block. What I have realized though is that my current mood plays a large part about my creativeness. If I’m feeling particularly “down”, it definitely has a tendency to show up in my work (or lack of work). On the other hand, when I am feeling “up”, I tend to produce a higher amount of good content.

This morning I read a blog post I found through my friend Dennis’ Photo News Today website. The post is titled 10 Ways To Break Photographers Block. It has some great ideas for dealing with this problem and is definitely worth a read. After reading the 10 suggestions, I began to wonder how others handle this.

What I would like to hear, is how you (as a photographer or other content creator) overcome a creative block. Do you have a routine you do to get out of a funk? Are there resources you would be willing to share with the community? I am anxious to see what you have to offer. And as a purely selfish benefit, the next time I find myself feeling particularly foggy in my creativeness I will have a resource to help me get back on track.