PhotoCamp Utah

A few months back I was invited to be involved in the creation of PhotoCamp Utah. During that time there’s been plenty of planning going on behind the scenes and we recently rolled out the announcement of the inaugural event to be held on March 14, 2009.

Instead of me rambling on about it, let me quote directly from the PhotoCamp website:

We are excited to announce the first PhotoCamp Utah event to be held on March 14, 2009 at East Bay Studios in Provo, Utah.

What is a PhotoCamp?

PhotoCamp Utah is a one day photographic learning extravaganza! The local photographer community in Utah has been growing, sharing in the fun and business of photography. We will be coming together for a one day event, full of great presentations and workshops to help you get more out of your hobby or business.


March 14th, 8am to 6pm


East Bay Studios, Provo, Utah

Who is Invited:

Anyone of any photographic skill level is invited. Topics offered will appeal to amateur enthusiasts on up to full time professionals!

What to Expect:

A full day of presentations by local and some imported quality photographers sharing tips, training and inspiration. A large Keynote address to the entire group will include multiple speakers, followed by 3 workshops to choose from at each session following. A total of 14 classes currently scheduled! Vendors will be in attendance with the latest gear to check out, plus swag and prizes being given out throughout the day. This is a must attend event!

The initial interest (read: paid reservations) in the event has been great. We’ve got a very diverse and knowledgeable slate of presenters to cover photographic topics for all skill levels. I will be holding a session on stock photography.

For a very reasonable $10 fee, entrants will receive a full day of photographic training. To get the rest of the details and to reserve your spot, drop by the official website at