My most recent stock photo shoot was a poker themed session. I had a few particular shots in mind when designing the shoot, and I was able to get pretty close to my ideas with the final products.

For the shoot, I borrowed a small poker table along with some generic cards and chips from a card playing friend. The table wasn’t as authentic looking as a real casino table would be in wide shots, but it worked nicely for the close-up style of images I had in mind when planning the shoot.

Behind the Scenes - Poker Party Photo Shoot

I brought five guys in to model for the shoot, and they had a great time playing the part of “players”. Some of the shots are particularly authentic since the models were actually playing hands of poker as I shot. We did several various setups including a home poker party, a blackjack dealer and a tournament player.

Blackjack Dealer - Sample

I am not sure of the demand by buyers for poker themed stock images, but I will soon be finding out.