Richly Class
Photo by Scott Jarvie

Last night’s two-part Photowalking Utah event was a success, at least it appeared to be from where I was standing. We had great participation in both segments of the outing.

The evening began with a mini-clinic on Nighttime Photography at the City Library in Salt Lake City. We managed to squeeze 50+ photographers into the conference room provided by the library. It is always a challenge to present relevant information to photographers of such varying skill levels, and hopefully I was able to do so.

I had more than a few requests for a copy of my Powerpoint presentation, so I have uploaded it to the server. It can be found here. The slides were more of a starting point for our discussion, but I hope this can at least help with remembering what we chatted about.

After the mini-clinic, the group hopped on Trax (Salt Lake City’s light-rail system) and headed over to Temple Square where we met up with several photographers that didn’t make it to the earlier session. While it was a fairly cold night, the day’s earlier snowstorm had moved on so conditions were good for shooting.

Photo by David Terry

This was probably the first photowalk that I didn’t take any pictures on. I loaned my camera to one photographer and my tripod to another, so I spent my time just walking and talking with the group. Even though I didn’t shoot, I still really enjoyed the event.

The Photowalking Utah Flickr pool is beginning to see the night’s captures filter in. Be sure to check it out over the next few days to see a sampling of the participant’s work.

Photowalking Utah enjoyed a great 2008. We have had over a dozen events and have seen the attendance steadily increase. I really look forward to seeing where this group can go in 2009.