I use the online photo lab Mpix.com for my photo printing needs. I first tried them a few years ago after reading a comparison of online labs in a photography magazine and saw that they were rated the best overall. I have been very pleased with their quality and service. I’ve often said that it is more convenient for me to use Mpix and have the images overnight shipped (for a very low flat rate) to my home rather than driving to a local lab.

Earlier this month my faith in Mpix was put to a test. I arrived home to find a FedEx package waiting for me that was in pretty bad condition. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the box was literally “Run Over”. Knowing that the package contained a 16×24 and 11×14 mounted on canvas (in addition to a lot of smaller prints), saying that I was alarmed is an understatement. Opening the box confirmed my fear. Both of the mounted images were goners, though all of the unmounted prints survived.

Since my client was anxiously awaiting the order, I quickly sent an email to customerservice@mpix.com hoping for the best. To my surprise, I received a reply in less than 5 minutes. Without hesitation, Matt at Mpix offered to reprint the entire order and overnight me the replacements. He didn’t ask for proof or give me any hassle at all. He simply said he was sorry and that he would take care of it.

This is the kind of service I want to receive from companies I frequent. Accidents and mistakes will happen. When they do, it is nice to have them quickly resolved. This potential relationship damaging incident actually served to further increase my loyalty to Mpix. Nice job, Matt & Mpix.