Behind the Scenes - School Bus Photo Shoot

I wrapped up my last stock photo shoot of the year this morning. The shoot involved a group of kids on a school bus. Finding the bus was a little bit of a challenge, and I ended up being blessed to have a local church offer their bus to me at no charge. While the bus didn’t look much like a typical “school bus” on the outside (where’s the yellow color?!?), it was a perfect location on the inside for my purpose.

For lighting, the bright reflective natural light (helped by the fresh snow) coming in through the side windows worked great. I accentuated this light with a large softbox aimed at the windshield and a smaller softbox inside the bus.

It was a lot of fun working with the 10 models. The fact that the majority of them were kids and that it’s two days before Christmas added to the excitement on the bus. Together we created a nice set of images to add to my stock portfolio.