When I began this blog back in 2005, it marked my return to the photography world. I had been out of it since selling my film gear in the mid nineties. It has been a fun journey over the past three years and I look forward to keeping it going well into the future. I’m frequently asked why I do it. Since the ads on the blog only generate around $15 a month, it’s not for the money. My answer would be that of the 1,500 or so daily readers (via site visits and RSS), I hope that maybe I can encourage a few readers with my photos and occasional writing.

Yesterday was a day for confirmation. Within 30 minutes of each other, I received two separate emails from blog readers. These letters both motivated and encouraged me so I thought I’d share them here today:

Email #1

The first time I saw your blog was when you had the light bulb that was burning. I bookmarked it immediately and read through all of your older posts.

I emailed you when I was buying my first DSLR and took your advice and ended up with a 30D. I watched you grow as a professional photographer and realized I could do the same thing. I dropped out of college and pursued my dream. Four months later I talked my way into a position as an assistant for a wedding photographer and really started learning the trade.

I’m now the second shooter at all the weddings and soon to be leading my own second shooter. Recently I got accepted for a stock agency and am building up my catalog. I’m still working my day job as a graphic designer, but am slowly fading out of that and focusing on photography full time. I catch myself thinking about ideas for stock while I’m driving and looking at ads and products differently to help me think of things to shoot.

I wanted to say thanks for the blog, the inspiration, and the ideas. I still read your blog every day as it gives me a different perspective on things sometimes and motivates me to sell more stock. Keep up the good work

Email #2

Hi Rich

I LOVED your recent story about the spooky image of your daughter being chosen for movie image. Actually I really liked that image at Halloween and thought it was a 2008 image.

I admire your success and again such a good inspiration, cause I think it’s pretty difficult figuring out the secrets and acceptance tricks here at istock…but I love stories like yours to keep my faith!

I sent that story to my husband, neighbors and friends that are all supporting my istock path.

Keep it up! and Thanks!

I guess the moral of the story is that you never know how your endeavors, whether big or small, can affect others. Maybe we should all take a moment today and write an email to someone that has encouraged us.

Just a thought…