This vintage family portrait from the Twin Falls Public Library was recently featured in the Twin Falls Idaho Times-News newspaper. It ran under the headline of Photographic Memory. Alongside the picture was this caption:

A group portrait of 15 people and a dog is all the information the library has on this photo.

My cousin, who lives in the area, saw the image and immediately recognized family members. She scanned the newspaper page and emailed it to my mother to verify. Yep, this was my family. My mother was able to identify every person in the image. When my cousin went to the library to give them the info, they were kind enough to provide hi-res scans of the image to our family.

I won’t go into the all the details of who is in the portrait, but the baby seated in a lap in the front row is my mother being held by my grandfather. That large man in the middle is my great-grandfather.

What a great find. Since the original image has a fair amount of damage, my next step will be to do a digital restoration of it before making a print for my mother.