I spent Saturday morning in the studio with six young models. The theme for the shoot was a Child’s Birthday Party. I set up a corner of the studio to recreate a home decorated for the party.

Behind the Scenes - Birthday Party Photo Shoot

For lighting, I essentially flooded the area with a nice soft light provided by three softboxes. This was my first “real” shoot on the newly painted white walls and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

With the six models, their accompanying parents and Michelle assisting me – we had a full house. Working with children is a lot of fun and the party theme seemed to kick that up a notch higher than usual. All of the models did an exceptional job. Being familiar with the subject really helps and I had worked with five of the six kids on earlier shoots.

For the final few shots, I enlisted a few family members to help throw confetti and we had a real celebration. I’ll probably be finding remnants of this shot in the corner of the studio for several months.

Birthday Party Series

Watch for the images to making their appearance in my stock portfolio soon.