As I wrote about earlier this month, when shooting images for stock portfolios it’s important to think ahead. With this in mind, I began shooting fresh Christmas images this week.

Christmas in September

The first of these sessions happened yesterday with one of my regular models Alyssa in studio. The theme of the shoot was to have Alyssa in front of a Christmas tree with presents. As can be seen from the samples here, she did a great job and I’ve got some nice images to add to my portfolio on iStock.

Alyssa Christmas Sample

The blurred lights and ornaments of the tree combined with a wide aperture made for a nice “Christmas-y” background in the shots. I did have a bit of a challenge locating seasonal wrapping paper this time of year, but I found a great source in a local paper company.

I’m going to finish up most of my new Christmas images with two shoots next week. The final shoot will feature a return of a famous model from last year.