(photo courtesy of Canon)

It is no secret to followers of my photography that my workhorse camera body is the Canon 5D. I have used this camera exclusively for about a year and a half and it has served me well. With that being said, I have felt for some time that if I am going to keep ahead-of-the-curve in my photography business that I needed to begin shooting images in the 20+ megapixel range. The biggest reason for this is that iStockphoto seems to favor larger images in searches sorted by their Best Match formula (not to mention that larger images sell for more money).

Knowing this need, I had the purchase of Canon’s 1Ds Mark III 21 megapixel flagship on my goal list to obtain before the end of the year. With a price tag of nearly $8,000, this was going to be an extreme stretch to meet. That all changed this past Wednesday with Canon’s introduction of the 5D Mark II.

The new 5D features the same (some say improved?) 21.1 megapixel sensor of the 1Ds at a price of over $5,000 less. It didn’t take long for me to make the decision and I immediately called my friends at Pictureline and put my name down for one when they arrive. In addition to the larger sensor, all indications are the the Mark II will handle low-light shooting immensely better than its predecessor. This will allow me to use a higher ISO when shooting reflector lit portraits and/or stock images outdoors and eliminate camera shake for sharper images.

Once I begin using the Mark II as my primary body, my existing 5D (with around 40,000 images shot on it) will move into the backup role in my bag. My current backup body, a 30D, will be sold (at a good price, email me if interested).

Now, I just have to patiently wait until November for the camera to arrive.

Links: Canon’s official 5D Mark II press release, 5D Mark II on DPReview.com