As the total amount of images I’ve sold through my stock portfolio channels increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of how individual shots perform. One thing iStock does is to place little Flame icons above an image’s thumbnail as they reach certain milestones (100 sales, 500 sales, etc.). To help me keep track of my All-Star Images that have reached this milestone, I have created a lightbox containing each shot that has sold a minimum of 100 times.

I like what another iStock photographer who I met through the ‘net, Rasmus Rasmussen, had to say about the iStock flames:

“…It’s like a videogame, where you can earn points (money from sales) and bonuses along the way, in the form of nifty little icons on your profile page. 100 sales gives my photo a little flame-icon for instance.” (read Rasmus’ full post here)

So far I have had 66 images (as of this writing) reach the 100 sales mark with another half dozen or so expected to hit it in the next week. There are numerous images in the set that I expected to do well, but there are definitely some sleepers that I never expected to make he set.

While having an image hit a milestone of 10, 100, 500 etc. sales is rewarding, I still like the very first sale of an image the most.