Yesterday was a great, albeit very busy day. iStock provided us with several models as we broke into groups of 5-6 photographers (and a creative director) and headed out to separate shooting locations.

My group spent the first part of the day doing urban lifestyle shots on the streets of Seattle. This type of shooting came very natural to me since I do this style of work quite often. Our models Brenda, Mindy and Kaleb did a stellar job and kept their energy high in what had to be an exhausting day for them. Today’s image is a sample from this shoot. While the rest of the group was finishing their lunch, Brenda and I walked down an alleyway to create some shots. The lighting in the alley was perfect for the look I wanted. What you don’t see in this shot is yours truly shooting with his right hand while wedging a reflector between myself and the wall with my left.

After the city lifestyle shoot, we headed to a rooftop shoot for more lifestyle images including a final BBQ party scene with all 15 models.

It was a fulfilling yet tiring day. Shooting around 600 images can have that affect on me. And guess what, I get to do it all again beginning in a couple of hours.

p.s. Rasmus, where are you?!?

Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/250 second, f/4, ISO 160