One of the cool things about being involved in a Photowalking Utah event is the people you meet. When folks see a large group of photographers walking down the street they often ask us what we’re doing. I love to use this opportunity to get to chat with the people for a minute and then take their photo. Last Saturday’s event in Ogden was no exception.

During our walk through the historic downtown area we ran into Tony and his gang. Tony owns one of the soon-to-be-gone bars on 25th street and was more than willing to share his story. He was one of the friendliest people I’ve met while photographing and was a pleasure to shoot.


After the walk around the downtown area, a few of us stuck around at the Union Pacific depot for an impromptu strobist session. One of the photographers struck up some conversation with a pair of interesting young men and before we knew it they were modeling for us. They were waiting to hop a train (literally) to Idaho and thought it’d be cool to get their picture taken.

On the top image of Joseph, I purposely created a hard look with both the lighting and processing. I wanted to show the roughness of Joe’s character while still highlighting his striking blue eyes.

I used a similar though less edgy look for Joseph’s traveling companion Jake. As I photographed him he was holding onto his cigarette to get every last bit of goodness(?) out of it and I wanted to capture that in the image.


Both Joseph and Jake made great models. I would love to meet up with them again and pay them to do some stock modeling for me. I think that together we could create some dramatic images.

Joseph and Jake